3 SEO Solutions That Will Help You Rank Without Penalties

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There are several ways to make your website optimized for search engines. Learn 3 SEO solutions that will help you rank without getting penalties!

As an Internet marketer, nothing can be more of a setback than updates like Google Panda and Penguin. If you have ever been a victim of these algorithm updates, you know how it feels.

When it comes to increasing your search rankings, you want to make sure you’re adhering to the best SEO solutions possible. With Google’s stance on unethical ranking techniques, you don’t want to lose the ground you’ve already built through penalties.

This post covers some of the ideal SEO solutions that will help you rank without penalties.

1. Focus on Quality Content

Quality content is the key component in improving rankings.

This is where you should start when you want to build trust with Google. Your content should be unique and valuable if you want to rank high in SERPs. Some marketers tend to focus on optimizing their content for a target keyword.

While keywords are still important for SEO, Google gives preference to quality content.

Typically, you should focus on high-value content instead of high volume content with poor quality. Good content prompts people to share on social media or link to it in their own posts.

Use visual elements, such as images, graphics, and videos, to communicate your thoughts. Also, strive to provide your readers with relevant answers to their possible questions.

2. Generate Quality Links

Unethical link building practices are one of the main reasons many sites usually receive penalties.

Like quality content, quality backlinks are also important in determining your SERP rankings. Building quality links helps you improve the authority of your site.

How can you do this?

One of the ideal ways of building natural quality links is through publishing well-researched and quality content. Other webmasters will naturally link back to your blog if they find your content informative and useful.

If you’ve got a solid online reputation, you can leverage your popularity to request post contribution opportunities from top publications. Sites, such as Forbes and Entrepreneur, accept post contributions from business owners, CFOs, CTOs, CEOs, and other experts.

3. Correct Keyword Usage

Keyword stuffing is a practice Google loves to penalize people for.

First, ensure you find the right keywords for your content by researching what readers search for in your niche. Choose keywords while paying attention to their volume and competition. Google Keywords Planner tool is the ideal choice to help you get started in keyword research.

When using the keywords, you want to do that moderately. For example, a 1000-word piece of content will need about five to ten instances of your target keyword. Of course, you bolster that with synonyms and LSI terms.

Also, ensure the keywords are used naturally within the content. You don’t want your copies to sound off to your readers.

SEO Solutions: The Takeaway

SEO is still an important technique for improving your site or blog traffic. However, you need to work within Google’s borders. Never engage in excessive advertising as that will derail the value your website has accumulated over time.

Always keep a list of the possible penalties and learn how to avoid them. Know your traffic sources and ensure that none of them violate Google’s policies.

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