How to Boost Your Digital Marketing With Native Campaigns

Digital Marketing with Native Campaigns

Why Readers Respond To Native Advertising

Display banner ads are quickly becoming a thing of the past, plummeting to a terrible click-through rate of 0.06 percent. Thankfully, excellent alternatives exist, and many brands are now looking to native ads on social media.

Consumers find traditional banner ads absolutely intolerable, and yet, they’re generally willing to put up with native advertising. These preferences are driven, in part, by the relevant and informative nature of native ads, which tend to feel less like clickbait.

How to Boost Native Campaigns

Native ads can strengthen your digital marketing campaign, but only if used strategically. These simple tips will help you improve your site’s search engine optimization and make the most of native advertising:

Repurpose Content For Native Advertising

There’s no need to completely revamp your content platform. Your existing body of content should be just fine — you just need to tweak it a bit for modern marketing. Freshen up your language and SEO strategy to ensure that your content is optimized according to 2017 best practices.  Blutxt Fully Managed Premium Blog Writing Service  The easy way to build an amazing Blog, Hands-Free

Conduct A/B Testing

Don’t make any assumptions about the types of content, headlines, or images customers prefer to see in branded content — conduct tests to find out for sure. With A/B testing, you can try multiple approaches and see which one performs better. Repeat the process numerous times with different options until you determine which approach works best.

Use Programmatic Advertising to Improve Efficiency

Customers want to feel as if ads speak directly to them. Deliver this experience via programmatic ad buying, a more efficient means of purchasing ad space. With programmatic systems, the buying process is streamlined — and ensuing ads are better targeted to fit consumers’ specific preferences.

Amp up your digital marketing efforts with the help of Jackson Hole SEO services. Blutxt SEO makes great use of advanced SEO tools, designed to deliver a better-targeted campaign. With BlueText SEO’s help, you can ditch those ineffective display ads and embrace a better form of digital advertising.



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