Local SEO vs. Organic SEO: Why You Need Both

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Everyone talks about why SEO is so important for business, and it is! But do you know the benefits and differences of organic SEO vs. local? Read on to find out

Boosting your organic SEO is already a well-known way to find new customers.

However, have you ever considered the power of using local SEO before? Organic SEO and local SEO are two important tools that can improve your business.

Let us explain why you should utilize them both.

1. Local SEO and Being Listed

When someone is looking for a restaurant nearby, chances are they will find yours if your restaurant has a high SEO ranking.

Some top favorites that people use to find places to eat at are Yelp, Foursquare, Uban Spoon, and Yahoo Local.

Make sure that your business can be found on all of these search engine sites. Create an account on these sites to draw in your target audience. Once people find your business, they can leave helpful reviews for others in the area that can also boost your local SEO ranking.

Having consistent information is key. Important information to include on these sites is your location, hours of operation, and a working telephone number for contact purposes. Once your business is successfully listed on these sites, then your business can be easily found.

2. Local SEO and Web Citations

Most often, people will scan through just the first page of results they see on Google. You need to invest in raising your rank on Google.

The top spots are always coveted when it comes to high SEO rankings.

Want to get your business a top spot on Google? A local web citation can help you build your business to that level. These citations refer to mentions of your business name and will increase your visibility.

Some examples of web citations include:

  1. Business name
  2. Business phone number
  3. Business hours of operation
  4. Business Website

Your local SEO ranking will improve when there are mentions of your business all across the Internet. More and more customers are finding businesses through online reviews. For optimal SEO rankings, you should be certain that your website is mobile friendly.

3. Why Organic SEO Still Works

Having a high organic SEO ranking is difficult to develop because it takes time to naturally grow your website.

Organic SEO is still a way to attract loyal customers, even when we live in the era of Facebook ads clouding up our feeds. In an organic search, people are actively seeking for businesses like yours and you have a higher chance of gaining long-term visitors this way.

Don’t neglect your organic traffic even though focusing on local SEO is important, too. If a lot of your customer base comes from local visitors, then it’s best to put more attention on local SEO.

4. Know Your Demographics

Once you determine WHO is a part of your demographic, then you can use your knowledge of SEO to its fullest.

If you have a lot of locals coming into your business, then spend more time perfecting that side of your marketing technique. Have your customers write reviews after they have visited your business to boost both your local and organic rankings.

Organic SEO takes more time but it often leads to better results as time goes on. In this respect, you are slowly building up your customer base to have a solid foundation of loyal customers. Once you have a set foundation, you can work on enhancing local SEO to take your business further.


You need both types of SEO to improve your rankings as they appear according to Google searches.

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