Guide to Planning Your Marketing Campaign In 2017

Marketing Campaign plan

Looking to amp up your marketing in 2017?

Now is the time to set clear goals for the new year. Follow these guidelines as you plan your campaign strategy:

1. Take stock of your mistakes from 2016.

Before you can truly plan for the future, you need to know what went wrong in the past — and how it can be fixed. Perhaps you failed to stick to your digital advertising budget in 2016, or you chose the wrong marketing channel. Determine how you can avoid these pitfalls next year.

2. Think about broader business goals.

Your marketing strategy for 2017 should fit into a broader set of business goals. This way, you can not only meet your immediate marketing campaign objectives, but also make progress towards your overarching mission.

3. Choose quantifiable and achievable objectives.

You should feel confident that your business can reach your stated marketing objectives. These objectives should be quantifiable, so you can measure your progress throughout the year. For example, if you’ve set a broader business goal of improving your customer retention rate, make it your goal to create a certain number of blog posts each week that specifically address customer concerns.

4. Develop a strategy for executing your marketing objectives.

Once you’ve chosen your digital marketing objectives, you need to create a specific plan that addresses how you will make progress towards your goals when the going gets tough. A good strategy will serve as your trusted guide as you sort through the day-to-day complications of working towards a challenging goal.

5. Determine how you’ll know when you’ve reached your goal.

Every goal should have an endpoint when you know that you’ve achieved success. Choose simple measurement metrics that make it clear that you’ve fulfilled the promise of your campaign.

This year, plan ahead so you can make the most of your 2017 digital marketing campaigns. Jackson Hole’s BlueText SEO can help you every step of the way. The right campaign strategy can make all the difference for your business.



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