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Data-Driven Strategies

At BlueTextDirect, our SEO services are designed from the ground up with your business in mind. We specialize in holistic, safe SEO marketing practices that not only guarantee you the visibility you need, but that won’t get you penalized by Google and other engines.

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A Unique Approach to SEO For a Unique Business

What is SEO?”, you ask? In order to remain competitive in the digital age, SEO or search engine optimization must ALWAYS be one of your top priorities. Studies have shown that not only do most people start their relationship with a business via a Web search, but most people don’t even scroll past the first page of results – meaning that the higher you are on that page, the more customers you’ll bring right to your doorstep.

Our SEO and digital marketing services include but are not limited to things like:

Search engine optimization. We’ll optimize all of your pages, including home pages and landing pages, to guarantee maximum visibility at all times.

Local SEO. We can help you rank as highly as possible for your geographic location, making sure that your pages are seen BEFORE those of competing businesses in your area.

Search engine marketing. Also called SEM, we help make sure that your image is as consistent as possible across all channels to attract the largest audience you can.

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A Proactive Approach to Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Many people don’t realize that search engine optimization is NOT something that you can do once and just forget about. Google in particular regularly makes changes to the algorithm that determines its rankings, emphasizing things like mobile friendliness, social features and more.

Sometimes these changes happen several times a year, which means that you must regularly work to stay AHEAD of the game to guarantee the highest possible ranking. If you’re only REACTING to Google’s changes and are not taking steps to ANTICIPATE them, you’re constantly chasing that elusive top ranking that you may never get.

BlueTextDirect specializes in that proactive approach to SEO that your business needs when it needs it the most. To find out more about how we’re prepared to help your organization excel through SEO marketing and related services, don’t delay – contact us today.

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