The Top 5 Advantages of SEO for Small Businesses

5 Advantages of SEO

If you have spent any time researching digital marketing trends, you’ve probably heard of search engine optimization.  But these strategies are more than just a trend. They’re an essential part of any company’s modern marketing plan.

Not convinced? Keep reading to learn about 5 major advantages of SEO.

1. It Gives You Credibility

One of the biggest advantages of SEO is that once implemented, it helps to give your website credibility.

Even if your website isn’t the top Google result for a search, appearing on the first page of results shows potential clients you are an authority in your field.

If web surfers have to go through several pages of results on Google (which they are unlikely to do anyway), they’ll assume that there’s a reason why your site is getting buried in the results.

2. It Builds Organic Leads, Which Beat Paid Every Time

You could choose to invest a lot of money in paid advertisements in order to show up closer to the top of Google’s results.

That strategy may have gained you more clicks back when Google first moved ads off of the right side of the screen and right to the top of search results. Now, web surfers are aware that ads appear first, and most are prepared to ignore them.

The top organic search result now receives the majority of clicks.

3. There’s No Limit on Growth

Another problem with paid ads is that they don’t do anything to naturally increase traffic to your site. Once you stop paying for those ads, there will be no lasting results. Your webpage will drop back down to wherever it naturally falls in Google’s rankings.

But with SEO, the sky is the limit. You can continue to enjoy the advantages of SEO as your site rises in the ranks.

Once it lands that top spot on Google, you can continue to implement SEO strategies to keep it there, and to keep those leads pouring in.

4. It Creates High-Quality Leads

When you naturally climb through the ranks on search engines to land a top position, you’ll find that the generated leads are much higher quality than what you would get through ads.

That’s because ads typically target web surfers based on what they have searched in the past. If a web surfer does click on your ad, there’s a good chance you aren’t exactly what they’re looking for.

But if they land on your website because you’re ranked high for the keywords they searched, then your company is more likely to be exactly what they’re looking for. This means more quality leads for your efforts.

5. It Helps Build Brand Awareness

Even if you aren’t the top result on a Google search, having your company name near the top helps build brand awareness. This is one of the advantages of SEO that will have a lasting impact.

Web surfers will grow to recognize your company and associate it with certain keywords. The more they search, the more familiar with your company they will become.

Utilizing the Advantages of SEO

If you’re ready to build credibility and brand awareness, increase traffic, and land more sales, you need to start implementing the right SEO strategies.

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