Video Marketing: Your Ticket to Success in 2017

Video Marketing

Digital SEO

Also commonly referred to as search engine optimization, SEO is a technique that allows you and your digital enterprise to be more easily found by search engines like Google. Gone are the days were keywords were the only way to do this, however – these days, a wide range of different options allow you to increase visibility and connect with your target audience in an emotionally engaging way.

Case in point: video marketing and especially techniques like live stream and other broadcasting sessions aren’t just a way to convert new customers, but they’re also a pivotal part of your long-term brand strategy success for a number of different reasons.

Video Marketing

Many people don’t realize that by 2020, nearly 3/4ths of all mobile traffic on the Internet will be attributed solely to video content. At Blutxt SEO, we want to help you take advantage of that fact by giving you access to powerful tools that help you secure the future of both your business and your brand.

Remember that video marketing is one of the single best ways to communicate your value proposition in a way that isn’t just effective, but that consumers are already willing to embrace. Videos are perfect for everything from corporate news to product promotions and beyond. Social live streaming, hailed by many as the future of marketing, is also the perfect way to engage your audience via social avenues.

Don’t believe us? According to one research firm, the global video streaming market is continuing to expand to the point where it will likely reach 70.05 BILLION people by as soon as 2021. Let that sink in for a moment.

These types of real-time, mobile video broadcasts aren’t just easy to pull off – they’re also the perfect way to take your online video marketing to a bold new level.

As an SEO company, Blutxt specializes in providing businesses just like yours with all of the SEO tools needed to build the powerful, lasting brands they’ve always dreamed of. If you’re in Jackson Hole and would like to find out more information about video marketing or any of our other SEO services, please don’t delay – contact Blutxt SEO Today





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